Pottery Blog is now on WordPress!

I’ve been talking about doing this for months… I’ve finally made the switch.  On Christmas morning Ian surprised me with the fantastic gift of moving the content and comments of my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  It was the beginning of a huge project that I’ve been working on steadily ever since.  Adding content, tweaking the template, plug-ins and reorganizing tags and categories.

If you’re reading this post on a blog reader or through an email, I encourage you to take a minute to visit the PotteryBlog.com directly.  And if you’re on the actual website, take a look around at the new digs.


I’ve been working on lots of features that will be both visually interesting as well as make the site easier than ever to use. Some of the things I’ve done will be obvious, like the extensive categorization of the archives. Others will not be quite so obvious, like when you post a link from Pottery Blog on Facebook, the post will be excerpted and you’ll be able to choose the accompanying thumbnail image.

I will be doing a series of posts that will highlight some  of the new features over the coming week.  And there are still some major changes/ additions coming too!

Thanks Ian! I definitely couldn’t have done this without you!

7 thoughts on “Pottery Blog is now on WordPress!

  1. Beautiful, Emily! So inspiring! I am planning on doing the same move, as we have already discussed in Twitter. You are doing such a great job leading the way to higher standards and understanding of this online realm.

  2. Looks great Emily! It really came together well – go Pottery Blog!

    Hmmm… how did I miss your update on Twitter that your website is up? I found out from Ian! That’s just wrong since I’ve been following all of your Twitter updates so faithfully.

    1. Thanks Julie! It was great to talk to you about everything the other night. I’m plugging away on the book page, but it’s taking much longer than I had hoped. So instead of waiting for it, I just decided to jump ahead and go live. It’ll come soon. Today I’ve been dealing with little issues like fixing my feed. I still haven’t figured out how to connect my new site to my mailing list. I think I found a helpful plugin, but I haven’t actually used it yet. For now I’ll send out the email updates manually. I’ve learned a lot over the past couple of weeks… and I’m going to continue my WP education.

  3. I moved my blog over to wordpress.com last spring. Now that I have a different host, I Promised myself I would move it over to wordpress.org early in the new year.. Glad to see you did it right right off the bat. Congrats on getting everything moved over! (I need an Ian)

    Cheers! Anne

    1. Thanks Anne- It’s been a long time coming for me. I had been working with WordPress on other sites, and Blogger was just painful to use after I started using WP. It sounds like you have a great start by moving over to wordpress.com! Hopefully the move from .com to .org would be fairly straightforward.
      It’s been fun following you on Twitter!

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