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Spin Me Round – Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery

Opening reception at Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery Keene NH
Spin Me Round exhibition at Thorne Sagendorph Art, Keene State College in Keene, NH.
On display from October 17, 2019 – December 11, 2019. Curated by Paul McMullan.

I am honored to be included in the fantastic exhibition, Spin Me Round, curated by Paul McMullan, at the Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Keene State College in Keene, NH. It is a joy to have my work in such great company (see the list to the left?!).
It is a bit of a homecoming for my work. I was was born and raised in Keene, NH. My folks, my brother Jeff, and his family still live there today. My art-filled upbringing included taking summer camps at the Keene State College Ceramics Department.

Although I have not been able to travel to see the exhibition in person, thanks to my family in the area, I have a virtual tour of the show that I will share with you! All photos of the exhibition are by my dad, Jim Murphy.

Emily Murphy's ceramics on display at Thorne-Sagendorph Gallery in Keene New Hampshire
Emily Murphy

I don’t have photos of the individual displays of all of the artists in the show, but I hope you take some time to visit their websites!
Todd Wahlstrom
Maureen Mills
George McCauley
Tyler Gulden
Nick Sevigney

Emily Murphy
Artist Statement
September 2019

What if our lives were full of beautiful objects for everyday use? Handmade pieces that took time to make and were durable, functional and full of beauty. Most of our lives are full of single use plastic and items that are not meant to outlast their trendiness. They are machine made and shipped from one side of the world to another. Never meant to have a lasting use or impression on the user, much less a connection to any person involved in the process of making. Our lives can be fuller by reversing this. One mug at a time. I strive to make pieces that will fit into your daily life and elevate your everyday tasks. As well as those special moments.

I get lost in each piece that I make. When I’m throwing a piece nothing is more important than the gesture of the form. When I’m decorating the piece, the mark of the brush carries the weight of the world. While the world fades away, I think about someone using the piece over time and continuously discovering different nuanced aspects of the form and surface. The movement of the throwing line, the boldness of an impressed texture or the juxtaposition of the raw clay and the gloss of the glaze. When a kiln is unloaded and rows of pots are lined up, it might look like they are simply multiples of a form. But when I am making them, the curve and movement of each piece is obsessed over.  And after they are fired, each piece is completely one of a kind to me.

I want these objects that I make to function flawlessly. And to replace the plastic and single use paper and other items that aren’t meant to make it past the season before they break or become obsolete. I want my mugs to be the one that someone grabs for each morning, my cake stand to become part of a birthday celebration, a vase to be filled with wildflowers from your community garden. These pieces of pottery will outlast their counterparts that are manufactured with an expiration date. I hope that they will become full of memories and sentimentality, appreciated because of their beauty, design and thoughtful craftsmanship.

Here are some photos I took of my pieces, in use:

Thrown and altered porcelain vase with flowers from our backyard by Emily Murphy.
Porcelain dessert stand with glass cloche by Emily Murphy.
Thrown and altered porcelain vase with flowers from our backyard by Emily Murphy.
Porcelain cupcake stand with glass cloche by Emily Murphy
Porcelain cake stand with glass cloche by Emily Murphy.

The exhibition is open through December 11th, 2019. Here are their current hours: