I woke up from a dream this morning with the realization that my current glaze pallet is similar to that of colorful macarons.  Inspiration in retrospect? I’ve been thinking a lot about naming my glazes with better names.  In my studio they are named in a very utilitarian way: name of base glaze + colorant.  And for Etsy, I use descriptive words like “tomato red” and “creamy yellow.” I would like to come up with glaze names that are both descriptive and can stand alone.  If I start doing some custom orders,   I’ll want to have glaze chips where the color can be easily picked out.  So all of this was on my mind when I had this dream about macarons.

Colorful macarons:
colorful macarons

Some of my glazes:
collage of colors

So now I am thinking about food flavors as names of glazes: pistachio, tangerine, lavender, caramel, mango, lemon, red velvet, mint, raspberry, apricot, maple, gingerbread, pineapple…. to name a few.   I still have to ponder all of this, but I am thankful to my dream this morning for helping me think through this!

If you’re a maker, I highly suggest that you enroll in the e-course/ lecture series THINK BIG! by Molly Hatch and Ben Carter. I’m loving it and I’m feeling really energized by it! It’s a 6 week series, but you can start any time and progress at your own pace. Join us!

Trailer: THINK BIG! A branding series for ceramic artists from Molly Hatch on Vimeo.

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2 thoughts on “Macarons

  1. I think that’s a great idea! And they are names that people will immediately know the color upon reading the name. (Macarons are always great choice too!)

  2. Hi Emily,

    Love your work and inspiration. I am a part time newby of 7 years with big dreams. I took the think big class and it was great. I may be ahead of my self, but I always want to be prepared before I jump into anything. I see that I have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Not only with photography, but also marketing. I am new to the techno platform and am going to have to jump into facebook, and perhaps a blog, I dont know. All scarey stuff….I do instagram, but that is pretty much it. I am enjoying your behind the scenes and in particular the photo set up information and etsy write ups. I too have had an etsy shop unopened for years….. I have just now bought myself a camera and am looking forward to that learning curve. It is wifi ready so hopefully this will be an easy transition. I look forward to any wisdom you can pass on along on this bumpy road.

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