Spring Sale! And some news…

I’m having a little impromptu sale this week in my Etsy shop until Monday! Screen shot 2014-04-07 at 10.48.11 AM

Just head over to my Etsy shop, and when you are checking out, use coupon code SPRING2014 to get 20% off your order, plus $5 flat shipping.  Sale ends next Monday, April 14th, so don’t wait!

The reason why my shop will be closed again after the sale is because I’m expecting another daughter in just 2 weeks!

This was me in Milwaukee for NCECA a few weeks ago:
Emily Murphy
 is super excited to be a big sister!

Big sister
I have been working like crazy to get a bunch of work done before I get lost in the world of a newborn.  Right now everything is just greenware or bisque.  So when I do get back into the studio, eventually, I’ll be glazing up a storm! 

I’ve been working on a squared dinnerware set.  These are the mugs part of the series:
squared mugs Emily Murphy Pottery

Ada has been hanging out with me in my studio, getting her hands a little  dirty… and tiring herself out!
kids and clay

I’ve been having a great time throwing… wishing that there were either a few more hours in the day, or I had a little more energy at the end of my pregnancy :)diner mugs

I did somehow manage to have enough energy to get to NCECA in Milwaukee last month.  It was so fun to see so many friends and meet some folks that I have only know through this blog or my Facebook page. Not to mention some great talks, demos and exhibitions!  And I picked up a few new tools, like these MKM rollers:
MKM pottery tools
So now you can see why I haven’t been posting on here much lately. But I do post regularly on Facebook, Twitter and starting to post a little more regularly on Instagram too.

4 thoughts on “Spring Sale! And some news…

  1. Congratulations! Me too! In 3 weeks time. You are so motivated! I’ve gave up throwing a couple of weeks ago. Just can’t seem to breath properly in that position! Wish my 4 year old daughter was as diligent as yours. She just wants to spread slip everywhere! Good luck with everything! X

  2. Congratulations to you too! I had to limit the size of what I was throwing. I had to stop throwing platters a while back- my belly was getting in the way! My daughter will be 3 tomorrow! I limit what she has access to when she’s hanging out in my studio and so far it hasn’t occurred to her to try to get into too much more that is out of her reach. But I am sure that won’t last long ;). For several months I kept wondering why I wasn’t as productive during this pregnancy as my last. Last time I really did a lot. Then it finally occurred to me- last time I did not have a 2 year old… much different being pregnant with another little one at home! I blame “pregnancy brain” for how long it took me to figure that one out!

  3. When I was coming out of my potting hiatus I took a workshop with Vince Pitelka here in town, focusing mostly on hand building and I was looking for inspiration. He had just about every MKM stamp available so we had a huge variety to try. So much nicer to see these in person than just online. The proof is in the trying for sure.

  4. Hi, Emily! I just got the aquamarine curvy mug for Mother’s Day from Carrie Greeson Guy, and would love a matching teapot- is that even possible? Your work is beautiful!

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