NCECA Pre-Conference: Making Through Living—Living Through Making: Studio Pottery in 2010

A few months ago, when I heard about the pre-conference happening before NCECA, Making Through Living—Living Through Making: Studio Pottery in 2010, my thought was- ‘I have to be there’. Then I read the list of presenters and once again thought- ‘I really need to be there!’ But, the reality is that I can’t make it to NCECA this year or pre-conference. I had to make the decision between getting a kiln now, or going the Philly. The decision really wasn’t very hard to make- I want to produce more than just greenware! But I was incredibly excited to find out that pre-conference is going to be streamed live, on-line for the 2 days that it’s happening. If you want to get easy updates on the conference, check out their Facebook Fan Page.

Tune in:

  • Monday, March 29, 2010, 9am-5pm EST
  • Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 9am – 5pm EST

Here’s some info on the conference:

Simultaneous Demonstrators

Christa Assad
Ron Meyers
Andy Brayman
Ellen Shankin

Panel Discussion: “Making through living, Living Through Making”


Mary Barringer


Ayumi Horie
Alleghany Meadows
Julia Galloway

Panel Discussion: Sustainability in Ceramics


Michael Connelly


Andy Brayman
Steve Lee
Alleghany Meadows

I hope you can tune in this week and catch some of the presenters. I have heard that highlights will be posted online after the conference. I’ll let you know as soon as I get a link to that! Enjoy! And to all of you who are going to NCECA and pre-conference, have a fantastic time. I look forward to hearing about it through everyone’s blogs and Facebook Pages.  Next year…

3 thoughts on “NCECA Pre-Conference: Making Through Living—Living Through Making: Studio Pottery in 2010

  1. I so VERY much wanted to go to the pre-conference! NCECA too, but especially the Making through Living – Living Through Making workshop since that is something I am really focusing on right now (making a viable living from pottery, that is). But alas, it was not to be. I also recently bought a new kiln, depleting funds for such activities. And working at a school makes it difficult to take off for a week to run off to Philadelphia. It is good to hear that they will be posting stuff on the web, though, so maybe I won’t totally miss out. Thanks for the info!

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