How to make a USB powered pottery wheel

I just came across this little instructional video for a making a USB powered mini pottery wheel out of an old hard disk drive:

Of course this is not something that you could really go into production with, but it is pretty amusing. Maybe I can talk Ian into trying out this little hack sometime.  It probably wouldn’t be a great idea to have clay so close to a computer. Perhaps a USB extension cord would be an important part of this project.

If anyone out there tries this out, please let me know… and send pictures!

12 thoughts on “How to make a USB powered pottery wheel

    1. I actually do have a computer in my studio. It has a small monitor, keyboard & mouse that came free with my home computer (but weren’t as nice as the screen, etc… that I already had) and I bought the actual computer for $86 from refurbished. But if we do manage to try this hack out, I will be using a USB extension. Dust is one thing, but wet clay splatters is another… Maybe I’ll have to design a tiny splash pan.

  1. This is so ingenious! As I watched the clip, I was thinking how I get conflicted in balancing my computer time with my clay/studio time . . . it seems that when I am busy on the computer then I feel some pressure to stop looking and go MAKE with the clay. Then, when I get caught up in clay, I forget to post on my blog, or check other blogs . . .so then I feel pressure to go do that! I wind up feeling a bit guilty both directions. I am thinking this just might solve my problem! :-)

  2. I am actually going to try to make one this weekend, of course I won’t be using a usb for mine I am going to hack mine one step further so it can plug into a wall outlet. Will let you know how it goes!!!

  3. Just use a generic usb power supply for a smart phone (the kind with a usb port so you plug a cable into it). Cheap. no computer needed.

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