American Mug – Facebook Application

There’s a new way to share handmade pottery with your friends: American Mug. Simon Levin, created a cool Facbook application where you can share a mug with your Facebook friends made by an American potter. They’re not actual mugs, just an image of a real mug. Simon says: “You will be sorely disappointed if you try and fill them with coffee.” If haven’t tried that yet, but I’m guessing that he’s right on that one.

This is what it looks like (you might recognize some of the mugs):

If you’re on Facebook, just follow this link, and start sharing some pottery love.

And for some more virtual pottery sharing, here are some images of Simon‘s work:

2 thoughts on “American Mug – Facebook Application

  1. Simon Here.
    Emily thanks for blogging about American Mug. In the week its been up about 300 people have added the application to their facebook account, and 850 virtual mugs have been sent. Do people still refer to web stuff as virtual?
    I just added 4 more mugs to the inventory, from Brenda Lichman and Michael Connelly.

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