Ayumi Horie‘s Obama/ Biden fundraiser: Obamaware is live on Ebay. Bidding is open until Wednesday evening, but there is a “Buy it Now” option available if you don’t want to play the bidding game.

For more information on this fundraiser, I highly suggest reading this essay by Sarah Archer: Kitchen Table Politics: ‘Obamaware’ Campaigns for Change, One Mug at a Time

This is the one that is coming to my house to live:

6 thoughts on “Obamaware!

  1. From the site (Sunday night):
    AUCTION WILL RESUME AT 11 AM EST MONDAY Due to technical difficulties with the image host, all listings are temporarily suspended until 11 am EST Monday to ensure that people on both coasts have access to Obamaware listings during business hours. I apologize for this inconvenience! Thank you for your patience and please check back in the morning.

  2. I will be thinking of you all on your election day and hoping that you have a better outcome than we had up here.

  3. I got my plate on Wednesday morning and I’m loving it! Michael does such beautiful work and Ayumi was a shockingly fast shipper!

  4. mily- Yes, thank you so much for reporting on this amazing event. Is it over??? I am slow… I may have to make something myself. ;)

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