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I’m so excited to share with you a new clay blogger (and old friend): Amy Higgason of Pigeon Road Pottery. Amy was a long time studio member at Lillstreet until several years ago where she left her job as a graphic designer and her home in Chicago for the woods of Wisconsin to become a full time potter. Amy has written many email updates over the years to friends and family about her endeavors in clay and life. They are always beautifully written and full of wonderful photos. It’s only natural that she’s now blogging. Head on over to her blog and have a read.

One of the challenges that Amy faced with her work when she moved away from Lillstreet was to transition her work from c.10 soda and reduction to c.6 electric. It amazes me how she has kept the feel and aesthetics of the higher fire work in c.6.
And if you ever find yourself in northern Wisconsin, stop by her studio in Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Pigeon Road Pottery

  1. I’ve never used anything but an electric kiln and find glazes for cone 6 difficult to develop. I’m managed over the years to get 3 really good ones but with a lot of trial and error…ciao

  2. Thanks Emily. You are so supportive of your friends and the clay community at large. I’ve already had several visits to my blog by other potters. This is opening up a new world to me. It’s not the same as having a dozen potters “down the hall” like in my Chicago days, but in my rural existance, it’s the next best thing. xoxox, Amy of Pigeon Road Pottery

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