Dinnerware, a platter, wall vases and a whole bunch of cups

As promised, here are some photos of some recent work. I got them out of the kiln right before our July road trip. And had the photographed this week by my photographer, Guy Nicol.

This is some new dinnerware that I’ve been designing:

And this is part of my newest platter series:

I’m really excited for these new wall vases.
These pieces are sort of a hybrid between my oval vases and the wall pieces.
And this is a new surface that you’re going to start seeing on more of my pieces.
I’m really excited for a floral designer to go to town with them! Unfortunately, my favorite designer, Amy Lemaire, has moved away! Amy has done all the arrangements over the past 4 years. You can see some of her past work here

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been in a cup making groove.
I really love the curve & tension in these handles.

You might remember these masked mugs from an earlier post.
The curve of this mug makes me want to fill it with hot cocoa and cup it in my hands on a cold autumn night. That’s not going to happen for a while.
And here are the peace cups that you might remember from a previous post too.
hope. peace. change.

14 thoughts on “Dinnerware, a platter, wall vases and a whole bunch of cups

  1. Hi Emily, I’ve come to your site via Ron, and I am so glad i did. Your work is just great, I love the wall Vases and the mugs are classic, what I realy like is the amount of variation you get on the design, you have given me food for thought, thank you

  2. Wow, love your new work, the colors are wonderful. I love the small curved mug, the dinner plates (is that an ever so small lip on the edge of the plates? – nice), and the textured vase/wall pocket – oh heck, I love them all.

  3. I so love your flat bottomed mugs – perfect for sitting on the arm of my sofa while I browse blogs in the am – when are you going to post them for sale online somewhere??

  4. ok, I just had to make another comment to say your “pots in use” page is beautiful. I really like seeing your ceramics in the various settings and the floral designs are great. Really like that squared circle vase too. I’m going to go back for another look.

  5. Paul- Thanks for visiting! You might have noticed that I've just found you too and added you as a link.

    Keith, Thanks- I am REALLY having fun with the variations. I think it's going to keep me busy for a long time to come!

    Ang & Patricia- Thank you for your kind words!

    Linda- You're right, the edge on the plate is there. I really think it "makes" the piece.

    Cynthia- I know, I know… The Etsy shop is coming. Actually, it exists, but there are no pots in it. I've just been waiting for the time when I'll be at home for more than 2 weeks in a row. I'm guessing the beginning of September.

  6. I too jumped to your website via Ron’s blog and the vases with the long strands of greenery are extremely beautiful, as well as the artful arrangement of the flowers in the vases. Such rich pictures and stunning background colors to really pop your pots into view.

  7. Emily,
    I read Ron’s post about “cleaning up your blog” and had to check it out. Thanks for listing all the stuff. I got my husband right on it so I’m going to try and implament some of things you comments on.
    Thank you! Jen Mecca

  8. your dinnerware is luscious — all these veggies I got at the farmers market would be gorgeous on your plates — my table . . . . yummm!

  9. Wow Emily, those are gorgeous. Are the plate slab built or thrown and altered? I look forward to the day when I can try wood and soda firing.

  10. Thanks!
    All of the pieces are wheel thrown, then trimmed. Then I cut the sides with an Exacto-knife, then I notch the foot with a cheese slicer. Sometime I’ll show the process, step by step. I find that the wheel thrown pieces have better structure and warp less than slab plates. In the soda kiln, it’s an extra battle!

  11. I love your work. I’d also love to see it listed among the other crafter’s and artisans at http://judysbookshop.com/nuke/
    It has just been launched and starting to grow.
    The whole purpose in this new portal is the promotion of crafted items and the crafters themselves.
    It’s all free. Drop by when you can.

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