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A brief follow up:

First of all, I want to thank everyone for the incredible response to this week’s posts, especially the overwhelming response to the Search Engine Optimization post. There is some great energy happening around the clay blogs this week- conversations starting had by commenting back and forth, linking and sharing of one another’s posts, and lots changes being made on the pottery blogs to improve search results. I’m so glad that it’s been useful and may have sparked the interest of some of you out there!

I have gotten several questions on why I am planning on making the switch from Blogger to WordPress. Luckily, Cynitha of Colorado Art Studio just happened to write this fantastic post today that just happens to answer this exact question in it. She made the switch a little while ago. It’s also a must read article if you were at all interested in my post earlier this week about SEO. I know it’s all a bit overwhelming, but you just need to jump in and start chipping away. (I’m reminding myself of this too.) One part of Cynthia’s answer that isn’t quite the same for me is that she was switching from a .blogspot account to her own domain so some of the growing pains won’t be the same for me since I am already using my own domain name (that will only really make sense if you read her post).

Cynthia also shared this fantastic website for anyone who has a website or blog:
It seems like a great tool for telling you what you’re doing right with your site, what you need to do and how you’re doing in comparison to similar sites.(It doesn’t tell you this, but you’re limited to 2 comparison sites at a time.) And you can go back and see how your improvements are working. It pointed out to me some meta tag and descriptions that I’m missing. Oops! When I make the switch over to WordPress, I will put some serious time and energy into improving my ‘grade’. I’m feeling really excited and anxious to make these changes now, but I’ll be patient…

I will go into depth about this whole change over process when it actually happens. We’re leaving in a couple of days for a big trip, so I’ve decided it would be best to wait until we get back to do it. I was having flashing of breaking something in the move, and then being out of the country for a couple of weeks and the blog being broken the whole time.

Good luck to all of you working on your blogs!

8 thoughts on “Analyzing your Blog or Website

  1. Hey Emily — Chris of Lill St here. I have been using WordPress for a while for a non pottery related blog and finally started making my own ceramics site: on the same platform. It’s nowhere near being complete, but I really like the openness (sp?) of WordPress over all other blogging software I’ve tried. It has quite a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the kinks worked out, it is a great tool. One of my biggest dislikes of it, however, was the manual updating of the base software to the latest releases. Recently I found the WordPress Automatic upgrade plug-in here: which is the absolute shit and a must (IMHO). Anyway congrats on the decision to migrate to the press!!

  2. Hi Emily- Cool post and earlier. I have been thinking about the Blogger to WordPress switch-a-roo and I appreciate all the info and growing pains you are sharing here. Will stay in touch. :-)

  3. The one thing I absolutely love about blogging is the little nudge I get when reading other people’s posts which you gave me the other day with your seo article – it’s really a great dialog. I must sound rabid or something…

    My host does have an automatic upgrade built into my package, but the last time I did it, I had to call support because something broke in the transition. So, I’m going to take Chris’ advice and add that plugin pronto.

  4. Hey Emily, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed after reading all of this and like I need go shut my self away in the closet and work on my SEO , look into WordPress, figure out what to do with my website, get a new domain name and on and on. Okay I’m breathing. Anyhow…THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING ALL THIS TOGETHER. It’s a huge help and motivator. I have this fear of getting left behind now that I have made such a good start at all of this. I guess I just have to chip away alittle as you say. Maybe I can give you a phone call some time too and catch up. That would be awesome. Hope your travels are well. Best, Ron

  5. Chris- I had no idea that you had a blog! Thanks for sharing with me. I just subscribed. Thanks for the tip on updating WordPress. I think the newest WordPress has automatic updates now, but apparently they can have issues. It sounds like a good idea to install the auto upgrade plugin.

    I really like how you have the locations of the artists who you link to on your blog.

  6. Mary Anne-
    I will definitely keep everyone posted about the transfer. Cynthia has done it already and I’m definitely going to be asking her for advice! It’s a bit torturous at this point not to have switched (I’m anxious!), but I really am trying to be patient so I can do it all correctly when I have time.

  7. Ron,
    Trust me, you’re definitely not the only one feeling overwhelmed! When I write stuff like this, or read Cynthia’s blog, I realize all of the stuff that I have to do! And all of the things I could be doing better! The great thing is that it’s all pretty much free (or a small fee.) It’s going to cost time, not money. I think you just have to make a list, and each day when you sit down to the computer, just check 1 thing off the list. Meta tags, check. DMOZ listing, check. All of these things don’t really take that much time individually. The big stuff, like switching over to WordPress does, but other than that, it all 10 minutes there, 20 minutes there.

    I would love to talk to you sometime- to talk about all of this, and to just check in and say hello. I’ll be back at the end of the month and we’ll talk then.

    And thanks for the kind words on my site. I still have some work, but I’m happy that it’s at the point where it looks finished to anyone else looking at it!

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