German ceramics anyone?

I’ve been traveling for the last several weeks and that pattern is going to continue. In a couple of weeks, Ian and I are hopping on a plane and heading to Germany for two weeks. Most of our time will be spent in Berlin and the end of the trip will be in Amsterdam. We’re in the process of actually making plans and we’re looking for and recommendations- specifically clay related. If you have any thoughts or specifics of clay related things in Berlin, just leave me a comment. Potters, galleries, museums, etc… And if you have any recommendations that are not clay related, we’d love those too.

(Regular postings will resume in the next 24 hrs. I have a whole bunch of posts that I started on our road trip, but now I just have to finish them up and post them.)

3 thoughts on “German ceramics anyone?

  1. Emily…

    When in Amsterdam, do not miss the Ann Frank house. It is a powerfully moving experience which will remain with you forever. Also, try to visit the Van Gogh Museum. Last visit, I stood for nearly an hour undisturbed with my nose only a foot away from Starry Night. Once you experience Van Gogh’s work in person you realize why photographic reproduction can never do it justice. His paintings are alive.

    Enjoy your trip.

  2. Hello,

    I just discovered your blog- I am doing an apprenticeship in Pottery near Rostock, that is about 2 hours north of Berlin. However, there are some good studio potters in Berlin- be sure to check out the Keramik Museum (somewhere in Charlottenburg, sorry I don’t have the address but you can surely find it online or through tourist buro) and at the Keramik museum you can request a list that has all the potters living in Berlin. Plus there’s a lovely gallery called Theiss (I think) that has all of Hedwig Bollhagen’s stuff- if you have time you could also visit the factory in Marwiz, that’s ouside of Berlin. There’s a great potter who has her studio off of Ku’damm but unfortunately I forgot where exactly- she makes very fine things , very small studio. Oh, well, have fun on your trip!

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