Masked Mugs

I’m getting ready for a soda firing next week…. and that means that the big pieces are drying and I’m focusing on the smaller pieces, like mugs that will dry more quickly. So many mugs…
I use masking tape on a lot of my work to mask out slip areas. Each side of the mug is different from the opposite side, and all the mugs are different from one another. You can see the mess of masking tape that is sticking to my table after I’ve finished up with a baker’s dozen of mugs. (A mess… but a satisfying mess.) I was excited to find masking tape in about 6 different widths last week. Oh the possibilities!

I’ll post pictures of the finished mugs after next week’s firing! Hopefully there will be a bunch of goodies to show you (and maybe finally some pots will be up on my Etsy page!).

8 thoughts on “Masked Mugs

  1. I can’t figure out about the masking tape, but it look interesting. Can’t wait to see how the mugs turn out and then maybe I can figure it out. Looking forward to the bigger pieces too.

  2. The mugs look interesting. It’ll be fun to see the pics after firing! Thanks for giving us a preview of exciting things to come!

  3. Emily, where did you find the masking tape in various widths? I’ve looked for that a lot without success. The mugs look great!

  4. brilliant shot emily thanks for that, It looks like a similar configuration to the gas kiln we’re building at the mo, and a very nice firing to..

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