Crazy Pottery Sale – this Friday and Saturday!

I’m making space for new work in my studio and having a HUGE sale this Friday and Saturday in my studio. 

The details:
  • Friday, June 6, 4pm – 7pm
  • Saturday, June 7, 10am – 5pm
  • At my studio in Chicago. 4401 N. Ravenswood, Lillstreet Studios, 205 west (follow link for directions and public transportation options)
  • Pieces are marked up to 75% off (starting at $5)
  • Cash, checks, Visa & MasterCard accepted

I’ll be selling sample pots, pieces from the back of the shelves, discontinued forms and more for big discounts. Seriously, this is the first time that I’ve marked work down this much. (There are tons of pieces that will be $5 – $10.) It’s time to the shelves for new work. Help me make room!

* mugs * bowls * plates * vases * soap dispensers * tumblers * bottles * platters * butter dishes * salt & pepper shakers * pitchers * tea bowls *

Have you been wanting to pick up a couple of plates for yourself? Do you have a wedding to go to this summer and need a gift? Have you gotten your dad a Father’s Day present yet? Stop by and take advantage of this big studio sale! I hope to see you this weekend!

10 thoughts on “Crazy Pottery Sale – this Friday and Saturday!

  1. wish i was in chicago to check it all out. my brother-in-law starts grad school at northwestern in the fall so i’m sure we’ll be out there at some point. maybe we can arrange a visit to lill street?

  2. Keith, That should be great. Just let me know when you’re heading to Chicago and we’ll figure out a time to meet up. I’ll give you the grand tour. Lillstreet’s on the north side of Chicago, so it’s not too far from Evanston.

  3. Good Luck. We have a sale here in a week or so and I will have a bunch of pots on the $5-10 table. And I’m also putting some to the hammer test to see if they ring.Ha.Ha.Ha.

  4. I’m also a big fan of the hammer test. Usually, though, they make a noise that is slightly different from a ring!

  5. sure wish I lived closer to take advantage of your sale and to peruse the whole lillstreet art community. What a wonderful place you work in. Your previous post really had my interest peaked wishing I could come for a visit.

    I notice you have your email address posted on your blog, do you get much spam? I was thinking of putting my email address on my blog but was hesitant?

  6. Linda,
    If you ever find yourself in Chicago, let me know!

    My gmail account catches most of the bad emails. I have put effort in “training” it and now it does the work by itself. I figured it’s not a big secret what my web address is, and since any is going to come to me, it doesn’t really matter that it’s public.

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