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I picked up some new tools at NCECA last month. One of the tools that I bought from Bracker’s is the Bevel-o-Matic from Todd Sholtz of I had wanted to talk with Todd about his new tool, but I kept missing him. So I brought it home from Pittsburgh and started using it… without any directions. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to use it, and I instantly loved it. After I got home that night, I checked in online to see what sort of info was up about this new tool. That’s where I discovered that I was using it incorrectly. Oops! But I liked how it worked and I’ll have to play around with it some more to see if I want to change my ways.

The Bevel-o-Matic is a simple tool for beveling the edge of a leather hard slab with a razor sharp cutter at a 45 degree angle so you can create a clean, sharp mitered joint. I’ve used several other bevelers that are designed with an angled wire to cut the edge but I didn’t love them. For the way that I use a beveling tool, I prefer the beveler’s sharp razor edge better than the wire ones.

Here are some images of the Bevel-o-Matic in use:

Above you can see how I used the tool. (correct/suggested usage is the last photo). I hooked the metal Bevel-o-Matic over the edge of the table and pushed the leather hard slab over the tool. The clay is easily cut away leaving a very clean beveled edge. Caution: By using it this way, you do have the possibility of cutting yourself. I did like how hooking the bevel tool over the edge of the table allowed me to have lots of resistance and made it easy to cut a slab that was pretty firm. 

I have all the parts for my box waiting to be joined with the nicely beveled edges:

The parts went together perfectly thanks to good measuring and nicely beveled edges.
Here is the proper way to use the Bevel-o-Matic. You’re supposed to drag it across the top of the clay instead of hooking it onto the table and running the clay over it.

Thanks to Bracker’s for this photo. 


Of course there are other options for beveling, and you don’t need a special tool…but I appreciate a tool that makes a job a little easier. If you’re a big hand builder, and you’ve been using this tool regularly, I’d love to hear from you.


Another note on… I wrote about this company 3 years ago on this blog after I got a signature stamp made: A Potter’s Mark: Signing Pots.

6 thoughts on “Tool Review: Bevel-o-Matic

  1. Thanks for the review – I was eying his bevel tool a few months ago. Just recently, I made about 15 porcelain boxes of various sizes and hand mitered all of the slab pieces with an x-acto knife using a board as my guide. What a pain and very labor intensive. I think I’m going to buy one right now!

  2. Once again your post is so informative and helpful; I learn so much here. I can’t wait to order one of these bevel tools since recently I have made several rectangular vases. I can’t wait to try this tool to help my seams fit together better. Thanks.

  3. Yes, thanks, Emily, for the review. There are so many tools out there on the market its hard to know what ones work and which do not. Cheers!

  4. emily
    wanted to say i enjoy you blog, have for some time now. this tool is one that should have been around decades ago!

  5. I haven’t gone away! Life has been busy (travel, the flu, making pots) I have a whole slew of posts that are in progress. I’ll be posting again, starting today!

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