Yunomis and Postcards

A few updates:    

In a few hours (March 28, 2008. 10am ct) the Yunomi Invitational 2008 exhibition at Akar is opening online. You’ll find several of my tea bowls in their online exhibition(!). My artist statement & resume are up on Akar’s site now. I can’t wait to see the show tomorrow. My tea bowls are in very good company! More to come on the show…





My friend, Gary Jackson, put together this wonderful super sized postcard for me to take to NCECA last week. If you’ve come upon my blog via this postcard, welcome! If you’d like to sign up for the mailing list, just go here. If you sign up, you’ll automatically get an email whenever there is a new post. Or of course you can always sign up for the RSS or Atom feeds. I’m looking forward to hearing from the new readers out there. I’ve got a lot of interesting things in the works, many of which are responses to suggestions from readers. Thanks for all of the emails and comments!

2 thoughts on “Yunomis and Postcards

  1. Great card. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get to NCECA and meet you. Next time… I think the world of this blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. I took one of these cards the other day at Lill and I’m sooo happy I did. I love reading your blogs and anything pottery. I’m in Gary Jackson’s Advance beginner class on Tue. I just finished my 5 week first time potter with Les. I took classes at Lill when I was 10 years old and I can’t express how good it feels to be back. You and everyone at Lill are a huge inspiration. If I see you around I’ll introduce myself.

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