Live! From NCECA 2008 – Pittsburgh

Greetings from Pittsburgh! It’s been quite a week. I’ve met a lot of great people, put faces to names that I’ve come to know through this blog, caught up with old friends, bought pots, bought tools, heard great speakers, participated in lively discussions, and looked at and picked up what must be hundreds of pots and the conference is only half over!

I wanted to share a handful of images of pieces that I’ve seen at shows this week. This is just a little itty bitty taste of what I’ve seen. Enjoy! (click on the images to see a bigger image.)

Beth Lo. I find this piece incredibly endearing.
Justin Rothshank. This has a dinosaur on it! Fossil fuel… get it?


Naomi Cleary. I just love how the drawings are on the inside of this cup.
Diana Fayt. I love Diana’s work and this is the first time I have gotten to see her work in person. It’s even more impressive in person.


Ursula Hargens. Her works makes me crave spring even more than I already am! 
Simon Levin. I am such a fan of Simon’s work. I don’t know anyone else that gets surfaces like his out of a wood kiln (or any other kiln for that matter!).

5 thoughts on “Live! From NCECA 2008 – Pittsburgh

  1. wow,thanks for the mention and the photo of my piece emily!! so glad you were there “representing” for us clay bloggers!!

  2. Hi Emily,

    I have been reading all of your posts about other ceramic blogs and it has taken my on a very long trip. I just peaked in today on your recent post and I am wishing I was at the NCECA to see all the wonderful work there too.

    I’ve met some wonderful folks via their blogs which I learned about from your blog and have really been inspired by your blog. In fact I started a blog for my work,

    Thank you so much for a great blog.

  3. Hey, great blog. thanks so much for putting up my work. Sadly I could not make NCECA this year. But it is nice to see an image of something I had there.

  4. thanks for the picture of my piece, and the link. Your blog is really great, I’m glad to have stumbled upon it.

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