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I regularly get questions emailed to me about clay, kilns, the business of clay, etc… I have decided to start a series “Ask a Potter” where I answer some of these questions on that I think will be interesting and helpful to other readers. Please feel free to share your 2 cents and join in on the dialog!

Who takes your photos? What kind of camera do you use?
-Diane in Georgia

My “professional” images are taken by Guy Nicol in Chicago.
His studio is also at Lillstreet Studios. If you’re not in the Chicago area, don’t let that stop you, you can ship your work to him.
I have been using Guy for my photos for the last 7 years, and his work is amazing. He specializes in studio arts such as ceramics, jewelry, fibers, etc… I’ve used the images he taken to apply to shows as well as promotional materials (postcards, business cards, etc…). Some of Guy’s images of my work published in exhibition catalogs, 500 Cups (2 images), 500 Pitchers (2 images) and Ceramics Monthly. 

Some examples of photos that Guy has taken for me recently:


I do take lots of photos myself that are posted on this blog. I got a new digital camera early last fall, the Canon PowerShot A570 and I’ve been really happy with it. 

I would say the photos that I take myself fall into 3 categories – personal, studio shots/ works in progress, and images for online selling. I’ve been dabbling in online selling for a while trying to figure out what outlet I think is best. I’m finally ready to jump into the Etsy pool (more on that to come!) and easy, high quality photos are a necessity.

Below are some photos that I have taken with my digital camera:

3 thoughts on “Ask a Potter: Photography

  1. I just love your work and can’t wait to see it on etsy. Setting up shop there is so easy. We have some really talented potters selling there now. You will be a great addition.

  2. Thanks for posting about the photography of your pieces. I am back into clay after a long break and am considering Etsy as well. When you do your own pics, what type of lighting set up do you use?

    BTW, I love the ‘500’ series of books. I was not aware that you were featured in them, but will be sure to check out 500 Cups when I get home.

  3. Dear Emily:

    I did buy that camera, and its image provided us with our Pouring Vessels show promotional/card art! yahoo

    Thanks for the info!!!
    Diane in Georgia!

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