How to: Make a Foam Bat

A foam bat is endlessly helpful for trimming large pieces, and having a soft surface to work with altered pieces on.

You will need:
*A new clean bat. I used a 22″ Hydra Bat from Continental Clay.
*High density foam (it won’t flatten out when you put a heavy piece on it).
*A can of spray adhesive.
*An electric knife.
*A Sharpie or any permanent marker.

Take the bat outside and spray the bottom of it with spray adhesive.


Spray one side of the foam with spray adhesive. Put the adhesive sides together and press evenly.


Put the bat, bat side up on a banding wheel and cut off excessive foam with the electric knife. This will give you a nice clean edge.


Place the bat on your wheel using bat pins to ensure it’s perfectly centered. Use your marker and ruler to make concentric circles. 
Until you get to the outside edge. 
Then trim away!

11 thoughts on “How to: Make a Foam Bat

  1. Great idea Emily, do you have any advise on bat pins? I’ve seen photos where there are three arms that help to centre pieces, wondered how easy they were to get hold of and use?

  2. THANK YOU for being so open about every aspect of your work! I, too, am getting ready for Christmas. But, you’re way ahead of me! I work full-time hours and really want to wean off working for someone else. Good luck with the holidays! I will definitely check back with you.

  3. Emily,
    I bookmarked this 8 years ago, and finally got around to making my own trimming bat last week. The instructions worked perfectly! Thank you for writing this post, and for keeping it online all these years. A very useful reference.
    – Scott

  4. This tool works splendidly for plates and bowls! Wish mine was 12-13″ as the trimmings fly everywhere but the splashpan!!

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