500 Cups, Lark Books

500 Cups, cover, Lark Books

This February, Lark Books has released it’s newest book is the “500” series. I am lucky enough to have two images in it.

page 110

page 351

My Lillstreet soda firing partner in crime, Gary Jackson,
also has an image in the book.

page 265

This series of books from Lark is beautifully done.
Inspirational for the potter and visually gratifying for the collector.
I also enjoy (and own) other book’s from this series:

If you’d like to purchase the book
directly through Amazon…

2 thoughts on “500 Cups, Lark Books

  1. very exciting!!!
    thanks for the “free publicity”…
    next time we’re going for the cover!!!
    your “soda firing partner in crime”


  2. I just bought this book and have thouroughly enjoyed it. I am interested to know how you found out about the book to submit your cups. I’d love to submit some work if they choose to make more. I was excited to find out yesterday that Amazon is prelisting a 500 Pitchers by the same publisher.

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