Useful coffee stains

These clever cups have foot rings in different shapes (thinking outside of the circle), so when you accidentally leave your dirty cup on the nice white linen, you’re just making it more beautiful.
Stamp Cups
As someone who is trying to make it in the world as a potter, I try to make nice pots and be confident that that will sell them. Sometimes I try to figure out some sort of clever quirk that might push someone over the edge to actually buy a piece- a nice detail that shows that I paid attention – something to show that it was handmade. This stamp cup idea is definitely not an innovation that I have thought about before, and I don’t actually think that I would make something with this idea…. but at least I can appreciate the cleverness.

5 thoughts on “Useful coffee stains

  1. very exciting emily!!!
    this is a great idea… the BLOG I mean.
    and I really like this idea of the stamp bottom cup too.
    what’s one more stamp? there’s never too many!
    good luck – and keep us posted on your BLOG.
    (and I think this is your first comment too… yippee!)

  2. Congrats Emily,

    Here’s a few quick (obvious?) ideas for your blog:

    1. Surface treatments described w/ colored pictures. (Why isn’t this common on the web?!)

    2. Which surfaces/forms “tend” to work best together?

    3. Tool Review/Book Review/Annotated Book List.

    4. Throwing/Firing techniques.

    5. Pot of the week/month/year and what makes it work. For that matter it would be interesting to see the opposite: functionally sound pots that don’t work aesthetically.

    6. History of soda?

    7. Guest Bloggers/Overseas ceramics reporting?

    8. Functional pottery in everyday context. In other words how do individual pieces fit into a larger interior design.

    9. Pottery as a business

    10. Current pottery news (local, national, world?)

  3. hey for the soda kids who throw mugs…just a thought, but stamp out some wadding someway so it leaves a design instead of wad marks…

    On this particular idea, I don’t throw, but doesn’t the foot on these little guys require a mold? I think it would be hard to stamp this out unless you did a negative stamp while it was still wet and then trimmed when it was leather hard. It would be hard to get really even so the mug doesn’t wobble…

    nice site emily, thanks for inviting us to play

  4. Dear Emily,
    I found your sight really interesting. I read it top to bottom.
    I especially liked the part about knowing someone by their attention to detail. I just returned from a Nepali family dinner and that notion of attention to detail made the evening special.

    On another note contrary to this subject, I lost the sight you gave me to get a stamped quick signature on my pots. Can you send it to me?

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