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Protect your remotes.

(This is one of those things that might be obvious…) 

Remotes are pretty important in a clay studio. They keep you from actually pushing any buttons on the stereo and causing a premature death of the stereo (I speak from experience on this, several times over). But the remotes can get crusty too, so you have to protect them.

You need plastic wrap (although I don’t actually suggest the kind pictured below, it’s just what I had in my studio), scissors, tape and of course, your remote.

You can use plastic wrap, dry cleaner plastic, a clear plastic bag. It will tear eventually, so 2 layers of plastic is suggested.

Generously tape up the folded ends on the back of the remote (I hope that’s obvious!).

And voila! You’ve got a fully protected remote! The sensor part works perfectly through 2-3 layers of plastic. If you use a thinner plastic wrap than I did it will be a pretty tight fit.

Enjoy the tunes!