Blog odds and ends

Perhaps a little more than usual, this week has been a bit of a balancing act between working in my studio and working on this blog.  I’ve been on a roll getting the new site for my blog up to where I want it to be (obsessed, some might say). But I’ve also been building … Continue reading Blog odds and ends


How would you like to be kept up to date with Pottery Blog and Emily Murphy Pottery? I would like to subscribe to posts via email. I would like to subscribe to updates using RSS and a blog reader. I would like to get updates a few times a year about Emily Murphy … Continue reading Subscribe

Four Years of Pottery Blog!

How it All Began It’s a bit of an anniversary for me… It’s been 4 years since I first started writing It all started about 4 and a half years ago at NCECA – Indianapolis. I had attended a number of panel discussions and lectures given by writers, editors and publishers of both books … Continue reading Four Years of Pottery Blog!

Tour of Clay Focused Blogs (semi-complete), part 5

I have once again updated my blogroll of clay focused blogs. It’s getting loooong. But I seriously do read all of these blogs. As I have mentioned before, I use a blog reader, Google Reader, to keep track of my subscriptions. I could never actually keep track of all of these without it. I also … Continue reading Tour of Clay Focused Blogs (semi-complete), part 5

Search Engine Optimization for Clay Bloggers

This is another big one, but if you (or someone you know) has a blog or website, or you are planning to one day, I think this information will be pretty valuable. ————————— When you write a clay focused blog, your intention is that someone out there will read what you’re writing. In the beginning … Continue reading Search Engine Optimization for Clay Bloggers

Resources for Soda Firing

I thought that it would be fun to try to round up as many online resources for folks who are interested in soda firing and put it together into one handy post. Since there isn’t that much publish (relatively speaking), I think it has the possibility of being relatively comprehensive. I hope you enjoy reading … Continue reading Resources for Soda Firing

Updates and shout-outs!

I had a bunch of things piling up that I have been wanting to share with you, so I decided to compile everything into one big shout-out blog post. Enjoy! Some (blog) updates from me: I have been tweaking my blog template and have made some small but good changes. I updated my ceramic blog … Continue reading Updates and shout-outs!

A Semi-Complete Tour of Ceramics Blogs (part 4)

When I started out on the venture of writing this blog almost 4 years ago, I could only really find a half dozen or fewer ceramic bloggers out there writing. Things have really exploded and there are new blogs popping up every week now (as well as some casualties). I thought I’d share with you … Continue reading A Semi-Complete Tour of Ceramics Blogs (part 4)