Pottery Clearance Sale!

As moving day draws closer, my studio gets a little emptier. I’m officially past the point where I could make any work. My wheels, tools and (most importantly) clay are all packed onto our first Pod. It feels very strange to be without a studio to work in. It’s been a long time since I’ve been without. The house renovations and getting ready for our move to Minneapolis is keeping me plenty busy, but I’m seriously missing making pots.

I’m excited about starting fresh with a whole new body of work from my new studio and (future) new kiln. So I’m selling off most of my inventory. I’m having one last (last minute) Moving Sale this Friday, June 5th from 4pm – 7pm. Everything is at least 50% off. Much of it is marked down even further. I’m finding new gems as I clear off my shelves during the packing process.  If you’re in Chicago, swing by on Friday  after work and say hello and maybe pick up a pot or two. One for yourself and one for that wedding you’re going to this summer!


The Details:

Moving Sale – Final Clearance
**everything must go!**

Emily Murphy’s Pottery Studio
Friday, June 5
4pm – 7pm

studio 205 west – Lillstreet Studios
Chicago, IL 60640

10 thoughts on “Pottery Clearance Sale!

  1. Wish i lived in Chicago, love your work… I live in Minneapolis during the school year, so im excited for your work up around here

  2. Hey Emily.. I wish Alabama were closer to Chicago. Hope lots of people came out and that your sale went well. How soon do u think your new studio will be ready? Very exciting time :)
    Cheers Anne

  3. Hope the move is going well and as stress free as moves can possibly be! I’ll take any 1-2 mugs you’ve got, artists’ choice. Shoot me an email with the price and shipping and I’ll send it via paypal.

  4. Hi Emily,
    I am Shelly, i love your work to much the ceramic work if my passion i am also a art and craft lover.
    I always thought that oh gosh its a great job done by you great!

  5. Hey there Emily
    It’s the tail end of July and no recent updates — are you still in Chicago? Have already made the move to Minneapolis?
    Are already in the new house, in the middle of chaos and time for blogposting is in the works but just not now?
    Hope everything is going super ok for you.

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