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Generally speaking, pottery is practical. But I have  mentally categorized a group of my pots that I think of as extra practical. I decided that today’s focus for the sneak peak into my Pottery Studio Moving Sale would be the super practical pots that once you have, you’re not sure how you ever lived without them (a little dramatic, perhaps).


It’s time to pick up a new soap dispenser for your bathroom and kitchen! Brushed stainless steel or copper tops these soda-fired porcelain and stoneware pots. Why use one of the plastic dispensers that the soap came in when you could have a handmade dispenser next to your sink instead?

One of the galleries that I’ve worked with for years used to beg me to make honey pots. I put them off for a long time. I make pots that I use, but I had never used a honey dipper before, so I wasn’t so keen on the idea. Then I used one and I was totally won over. They’re ingeniously designed little utensils. Or if you’re not a honey user, you can turn it into a sugar jar by switching out the dipper with a spoon. A honey pot is something that sits out in your kitchen, why nice make it a beautiful handmade pot?



This is one of my newest additions to the practical pots collection. It’s a spoon rest for your teaspoon and teabag. The problem: coffee and tea stains on the counter top or edge of the sink from setting your spoon down that you just used to stir your coffee or take out your teabag with.  The solution: a little dish that was made to hold your spoon and a teabag. Problem solved.


This is where the spoon rest idea started. When I’m cooking I tend to have many hot pots and pans going at the same time and a spoon, spatula or tongs for each one. The small, narrow spoon rest just won’t do! So I started making these large ones that will fit a couple of utensils or an oversizes spatula. And it’s low and wide so it’s stable and won’t get tippy. 

The practical pottery collection has evolved over time to include nicely designed pieces that can be used daily and can happily be left out in your home. They are all on sale for 35% off this week (reg. price is between $14 – $40). 




The details on  the sale:

Emily Murphy’s Pottery Studio Moving Sale!

Friday, April 24, 5pm – 7pm 
Saturday, April 25, 10am – 6pm

at least 35% off all pottery* including already marked down sale! priced items

There will also be bins of $5 and $10 pots.

After 10 years at Lillstreet, Emily’s moving to Minneapolis and doesn’t want to move any of the pots in her studio! Help her raise money for her new soda kiln! 

2nd floor – studio 205 west – Lillstreet Studios
4401 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60640

mugs – plates – teapots – vases – pitchers – platters – bowls – bottles – soap dispensers – necklaces – spoon rests – tea bowls – serving trays – tumblers – floor vases – cruets – pasta bowls – wall pieces – tiles

Also for sale

  • art books
  • aprons
  • pottery display items
  • pottery tools 

*unless otherwise marked

for additional information:

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  1. Love your pottery & particularly the honey jars! Too bad I can’t buy the one I really want online. Do you have a website for direct purchasing?

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