Moving Sale – Mugs and Dinnerware

I’m almost done setting up my studio for this weekend’s sale. Displays are getting dusted, pots are getting priced and shelves are getting organized. It’s making the prospect of packing up my studio a little less overwhelming. 

I’ve been sharing previews of my moving sale all week on my blog and I’m continuing today with some shots of mugs for sale.  As usual, the photos aren’t the best, but they will do. It’s a good reminder for me to not paint the wall where my display will be in my new studio light yellow or pale green. I like the colors when I’m in my studio and the pots look good against them in person, but the combo of florescent light and the wall colors just don’t look great when I try to take photos of my studio display. There will also not be any florescent lights in my new studio either – but that’s not something I need to be reminded of!





And in addition to the mugs, I have plates, pasta bowls and bowls from my shino dinnerware line.  These pieces are just very comfortable everyday pots. At least that’s how I see them.  




The details on  the sale:

Emily Murphy’s Pottery Studio Moving Sale!

Friday, April 24, 5pm – 7pm 
Saturday, April 25, 10am – 6pm

at least 35% off all pottery* including already marked down sale! priced items

There will also be bins of $5 and $10 pots.

After 10 years at Lillstreet, Emily’s moving to Minneapolis and doesn’t want to move any of the pots in her studio! Help her raise money for her new soda kiln! 

2nd floor – studio 205 west – Lillstreet Studios
4401 N. Ravenswood
Chicago, IL 60640

mugs – plates – teapots – vases – pitchers – platters – bowls – bottles – soap dispensers – necklaces – spoon rests – tea bowls – serving trays – tumblers – floor vases – cruets – pasta bowls – wall pieces – tiles

Also for sale

  • art books
  • aprons
  • pottery display items
  • pottery tools
  • photo backdrops 

*unless otherwise marked

for additional information:

5 thoughts on “Moving Sale – Mugs and Dinnerware

  1. Like those who got here before me, oh how I wish I was closer to Chicago! Beautiful work. And studio equipment? I could almost drool…oh, there it goes. Oh cruel fate; and so on and so forth…

  2. Hi Emily,

    Hope your Sale went well this weekend. I must admit, that I’m a little bummed you will be leaving Chicago. We will be there for a wedding in July, and I was looking forward to stopping by the studio. Any other suggestions for art/clay places we should visit while in town?

    Good luck with your big move and new life in Minneapolis!


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