Wow. You have to see this method for moving bricks.

Next time I’m building a kiln and not feeling psyched about moving a lot of brick, I’m going to think about this video:

(if it’s not showing up in your blog reader, make sure you click through to here to see it.)

I’m so blown away by this video. Besides the fact that it’s an unbelievable feat, I also have a thing for bricks (that can’t be very unusual for a potter).

Thanks to Kumar for posting this incredible video to Facebook. You should check out his recipe for Glögg that he posted to his blog. Ian made up a pot of Kumar’s recipe for Christmas Eve. Mmm!

14 thoughts on “Wow. You have to see this method for moving bricks.

  1. I think I counted 22 bricks. As I was watching I was wondering how much weight that amounts to. I looked up some bricks can weigh 12 pounds, but most are half or one third of that – half would be 132 pounds, even 1/3 would be 88 pounds, amazingly graceful, what balance. Thanks Emily.

  2. Wow! I don’t dare to think about what that does to the verabraets (sp?) in his neck! This is the second time I come across your blog, and the second time I find a great video. Thanks :-)

  3. Hi, the video with the guy and the bricks on his head was amazing. He makes it look so easy. I have enjoyed visiting your blog.
    Thanks, Nikki

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