tweet tweet! potteryblog is now on Twitter

I signed up for Twitter this week.  If you Twitter, you can find me at potteryblog.

If you don’t Twitter and you’re not really sure what it is, I’ll let my friend Julie explain it:

Twitter is a microblogging platform. Small blogs. Really small. Basically, you have 140 characters to answer the Twitter question “What are you doing?” If you are a Facebook user, it is somewhat similar in format to the status update that you give on your page. If you are a blogger, it is similar to your blog but only SUPER short. You can share photos, links, information, and updates.

With Twitter though, you can also converse. You can reply to people’s postings, repost (called a retweet or RT) a post that you find interesting, and send direct messages to people. You can ask questions, start threads, and have discussions. Twitter does not need to be a static update list. It can be a dynamic conversation.


My plan for Twitter is to use it for short updates about the glamorous day to day life of a potter. What I’m making in the studio, business stuff, blogging and website updates, etc… You’ll be able to find these little updates in column on the right side of this blog.  I wish I was better at actually writing full posts about what I’m up to each day, but I just haven’t been able to pull it off.   I’ll just leave that to Ron!

4 thoughts on “tweet tweet! potteryblog is now on Twitter

  1. Great new site! I like it a lot. I like Twitter a lot too. I enjoy reading what others are saying and doing more than actually tweeting myself.

    BTW, just a little correction to Julie’s description of Twitter, you get 140 characters for each tweet!

    Oh, thanks for the gravatar info, too, Emily!

  2. Thanks for catching that. That would be simply luxurious to be able to use all those words! It’s been corrected and Julie has been notified. oops!

    I’m enjoying Twitter and trying to find my rhythm with it. I do get a little annoyed when I try to search for other clay related tweets and all I come up with is people proclaiming their love for Pottery Barn!
    Nice gravatar! I love seeing all the little pictures in the comments. I’ve been putting a lot of time into tweaking the commenting system on WordPress.

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