Good taste.

I’ve been catching up on reading many weeks worth of clay blogs, and I came across this video that Jeanette posted a couple weeks back of Ira Glass talking about the creative process. I just had to pass it on (you’ll see why).

I’m a huge fan of This American Life. (There’s some Chicago pride thrown in there too!)

I’ve always been intrigued with why people start making pots, tiles or sculpture as adults and what keeps them going. What makes them walk through the door of an art center that first time to try sometime new? This clip gives some nice insight into these questions.

6 thoughts on “Good taste.

  1. Thanks for the video, I’ll keep making my stuff only I’ll try to work faster and make more. He He !

    Have fun in Germany.

  2. I looove this clip. I too am a huge fan of This American Life. There’s something very intimate about his program. I totally know what he’s talking about and I’ve been going through it for a couple of years and finally starting to close that gap. Thanks for posting it.

  3. I saw this earlier and loved it. I showed it to my daughter, a writer, also. It seems to apply to so many people. Thanks for the replay, it was good to see again.

  4. Hey, Emily, this is such a key message, and what a great blog! I look forward to digging deeper and reading what all you’ve got here.

    I’ve started a clay blog for my students and for me, and I’m going to link to your blog right now.


  5. That’s a wonderful clip. After 16 years of making pots I recently feel like I can see the other side of that gap. I need to share that video with some friends. Thanks for posting it.

  6. Hi Emily, Great blog. Still struggling with the isolation of working in the studio after 20 years of potting I am going to start my own blog. Maybe knowing I told other people I am going to do something will get me to do it instead of procrastinating. Haven’t looked at the vid yet. Right after this I will.

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