Chicago Clay

I am going to be working on a project over the next couple of months and I’d like your help.

I am going to creating a guide (on this blog) to clay in Chicago. It’ll be illustrated with photos, and linked to maps- and it will be all things ceramic. Galleries, art centers, studios, etc… (all things open to the public).

If there is something out there that you think should be included or that I should know about, just write a comment to this post.

I’m going to start going to 1 place a week (or more) to document the world of clay in the windy city. I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Clay

  1. I just came across you blog this eveing. Very nice site and work. I too have a blog called “The Pottery Blog”. I mostly talk about being a mom and a potter also. I do cone 7 oxidation/porcelain but I am in the process of building a soda kiln like the one I used in grad school.
    Hope you keep posting interesting things. I enjoyed the study of the differant clays with the teabowls.
    Have a good one! Jennifer

  2. I have a sculpture with clay figures (each about 12″ high) that I dropped. I glued the pieces togather as best I could but would like to know someone in Chicago who could restore them better than I!

    Robert S. Danziger

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