A Tour of Blogs about Pottery and Ceramics

One reason why people blog is to participate in their community. For me, it’s a way to have a conversation about clay and related topics with a larger clay community. In the more technical world (programmers, etc.. ) bloggers read, link and comment to one another- creating a larger dialog. In the ceramics world, there is less blogging going on. Most potters that I talk to about my blog respond “what’s a blog?”. Today’s post is answering that question, in part, by showing potteryblog.com readers what else is going on out there in the clay blogging world. I think it’s just beginning- hopefully I will be able to update this list in the future with many more clay weblogs.

Here is an overview of some clay related blogs- in no particular order. I left out some blogs that haven’t been updated in a while, or didn’t have much content about pottery. Otherwise, this is a pretty good sampling of what’s out there. Please let me know if I’m missing something or if something new comes along. Enjoy the tour!

John Norris: Containers of information: Art, Ceramics, Information, and You.
John has an extensive website that covers lots of topics including clay and conceptual art. He has t-shirts that he has designed for sale…handouts for teaching purposes, and perhaps most exciting: he has a pottery podcast called: Cone 11 Forced Air (a podcast is a regularly produced MP3 in a radio format). Take a listen and enjoy. I’m looking forward to more!

Nathan Pearlman: Political Mammal
Nathan’s blog is not actually a blog that is specifically about pottery, but includes a couple of nice articles directly related to clay- the one that is linked above, and a previous one that I linked to in the Soda Fired Mug post.

Mashiko Potter: Things Related to Making Functional Pottery
Beautiful photos of Lee’s work- finished and in progress, in Mashiko, Tochigi, Japan.

kasumipottery.com weblog: An authorized weblog of Kasumi Pottery Studio by Rolando
This is an interesting site. It’s not written and maintained by the artist, but is about the artist. A different format- kept up to date well.

Paper Clay
This is a blog about paper clay (to state the obvious). Not what I’m really interested in at this moment, but the direction of this blog is interesting- a focus on a very specific subject matter.

PBA Pottery Blog – Muddlings
A nice name, and the accompanying site is nice too, but this blog doesn’t have too much content related to clay & pottery- despite the name. I’m hoping that there is more to come- check back for more.

As I am writing this, I’m listening to NPR. A story on Warren Mackenzie just came on during All Things Considered. You can read the text and view the photos on the linked site, but you should also click on the “listen” button and listen to him in his own words.

13 thoughts on “A Tour of Blogs about Pottery and Ceramics

  1. Not exactly a glowing review, but a fair one at this point :)

    Thanks for atleast acknowledging the existance of “Muddlings” – the blog is currently serving multiple purposes (it’s essentially a beta site for a nonprofit program that I’m part of putting together in order to test out whether or not we have enough to say to merit a business blog on an ongoing basis…)

    As I continue to get my hands into clay a little more often, you’ll see more about clay…

    Thanks again for the mention and take care. I appreciate your trend setting on the clay blogging side of life. pba.

  2. Nice to see another potter (besides Lee) blogging. No real clay on my blog, but I’ll get there. Looking forward to your further discoveries.

    Keep it turnin’

  3. I found your site and really appreciate the cross reference to other sites. As a new potter it is really helpful to be able to skip around.
    I hope to put up a blog site shortly and again thanks for all the useful info

  4. Nice to see an informative pottery blog. My, relatively new, blog focuses primarily on home improvement adventures, though I’m building a pottery studio and will certainly be writing about that. I’ve done quite of bit of glaze development too, and will probably start writing about that as I get further along.

    Check it out.

    Jason @ House on Clover

  5. Found your blog via del.icio.us and it looks worth finding.

    I’ll take some more time to look through all you have to offer, but on first look it is splendid.

    I just posted a sale blog for the Boulder Potters’ Guild, pictures from all the members during our recent fall sale. I’m also posting about our up-coming winter classes.


    I’m also setting up a blog for my work with egyptian paste but it is in the early stages and not worth much of a visit yet, stay tuned.


  6. Hi e_
    I’m wondering if you would like to trade links. I’ve started a new blog which I want to gear towards being sort of a tech support for potters. I work at a place that has a ton of people who know everything from kiln building to clay for kids and I think it would be nice to have a spot where if someone has questions about their glaze or kiln or whatever they can get the info they need kind of quickly.
    My address is http://potterymakers.blogspot.com/ and I’ll link back to you as well.
    Tim tim@sheffield-pottery.com

  7. I really enjoyed looking at the sites listed in your blog and I will definitely tell other potters to look at your site. I work at a pottery in Arkansas and we are currently trying to sell a large gas kiln. Would anyone out there know of any place we could list our kiln for free?

  8. HELLO! i started my own ceramic blog a while ago… am not sure many people can actually find it… i believe it dont write much text and that’s the reason it does not come up in google. if you like it, please feel free to mention it on your blog! http://www.ceramicfocus.blogspot.com
    best, vanessa buchli, barcelona

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